The Benefits of Training in Taekwondo as a Family
Jin Suh

Jin Suh

Taekwondo Master Instructor

The Benefits of Training in Taekwondo as a Family

Sports have always brought the whole family together. Whether it’s watching a game together or rooting for the same team, there’s a sense of bonding when the family takes part in such a wholesome activity. So, imagine what it would be like if everyone in the family got together to train in a self-defense discipline such as Taekwondo.

Grand Master Jin Suh is a second-generation Taekwondo Master. He is also a former U.S.A. National Team Member, U.S.A. National Champion, U.S.A. National Collegiate Champion, U.S.A. National Team Coach. His son, Master Christian Suh, is a third-generation Taekwondo Master and also a U.S.A. National Team Member and U.S.A. National Champion. Based out of Bayside, New York, they are the first father and son in history to have both made the U.S.A. National Senior Team. High Performance is known nationwide as the top school in New York to train in Taekwondo.

Family Bonding

Knowing firsthand what it means to train with a family member in Taekwondo, Jin Suh acknowledges that sharing the same sport with his son got them closer and created a stronger father-son bond. Taekwondo is the type of sport that keeps one in good shape, reduces stress, and helps to develop self-confidence.

All these positive qualities become amplified when the whole family trains together. In this age of social media and smartphones, it’s often difficult to get everyone to come together to share in an activity. This is why the time the siblings spend training and learning the different Taekwondo techniques and sharing with their parents the various triumphs and setbacks is important. It all helps create a strong familial bond. Training together in Taekwondo is all about having the same goals and reveling in their shared achievements.

Better Ways to Handle Conflicts

Sibling rivalry is par for the course when it comes to raising a family. Regardless of their gender or age difference, brothers and sisters will always find a reason to fight. But it’s not just the children, even the spouses have their own conflicts and arguments as well.

Jin Suh recommends Taekwondo to help people learn better conflict resolution skills. Not only does this discipline of martial arts teach one self-respect, but it also instills respect for others. This overriding sense of respect promotes a healthier relationship within the family. This is also evident in volatile situations where saying the wrong thing could increase the tension. Since Taekwondo relieves stress and increases a general sense of calmness, both parents and children will often find it easier to sort out and defuse conflicts and arguments before they escalate.

Jin Suh on Healthy Competition

If you have practiced a sport before, then you know there comes a time when you lose motivation. The novelty wears off and you start to look for something different to do rather than grunt and sweat in the gym. But this all changes when the whole family is training together. According to Jin Suh, children are always keen to learn by nature and their enthusiasm is infectious. Even if you as a parent don’t feel up to going to your Taekwondo training one day, having a partner or kids who are eager to go will motivate you to keep at it and work harder to get better.

Training in Taekwondo as a family can be a rewarding activity. Not only does it bring everyone in the family closer and develop a stronger familial bond, but it also creates wonderful memories and improves conflict resolution skills. It’s a safe practice that promotes good health and wellbeing for the whole family.

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