Taekwondo Master Jin Suh on Meditation and Its Connection to Physical Well-Being
Jin Suh

Jin Suh

Taekwondo Master Instructor

Meditation and Its Connection to Physical Well-Being

Since happiness is a state of mind, working on the mind not only makes us happier but also physically healthier. Meditation is one way to bring about a state of inner peace, maintain an optimistic outlook, and keep many physical and mental illnesses at bay.

Grand Master Jin Suh is a second-generation Taekwondo Master. He is also a former U.S.A. National Team Member, U.S.A. National Champion, U.S.A. National Collegiate Champion, U.S.A. National Team Coach. His son, Master Christian Suh, is a third-generation Taekwondo Master and also a U.S.A. National Team Member and U.S.A. National Champion. Based out of Bayside, New York, they are the first father and son in history to have both made the U.S.A. National Senior Team. High Performance is known nationwide as the top school in New York to train in Taekwondo.

Better Sleep

According to Jin Suh, meditation has been proven to play a vital role in helping people get better sleep. The average adult needs between seven to eight hours of sleep every night to function properly. However, the quality of sleep you get at night matters even more than the number of hours you sleep. What meditation does is help the body and mind reach a degree of relaxation that naturally induces deep sleep. 

People who practice meditation regularly find it easier to fall asleep. This is also true for those who tend to wake up during the night and can’t go back to sleep easily. The benefits of meditation on the quality of sleep have been supported by many scientific studies. 

Heart Health

The cardiovascular system is as complex as they come. Any issue related to the heart or the blood flow in the body can have a great impact on your general health. The food you eat, your lifestyle, and the amount of stress you go through on a daily basis can all affect your heart’s health. From high blood pressure to increased cholesterol levels in the blood, heart woes are numerous. This is why Jin Suh recommends a daily practice of meditation to counter these negative effects on one’s heart. Meditation not only reduces blood pressure, but has also shown great results in reducing bad cholesterol in the blood, which is the main cause of heart disease and atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

Less Stress and Anxiety

The reason meditation can have such a great effect on one’s heart health is that it is a wonderful coping mechanism against stress and anxiety. Constant stress puts the body and mind under a lot of strain. Without the right coping techniques, the average person can start to develop symptoms of anxiety. 

Meditation counters these effects and helps you identify the signs of anxiety and stay calm even in very stressful situations. A calm mind and a relaxed body are keys to better health, both mentally and physically.

Jin Suh on an Improved Immune System

The way Jin Suh sees it, people who practice meditation regularly have shown remarkable resilience in fighting off diseases and staying healthy. That’s because there’s a correlation between meditation and the immune system. Our immune system is our first line of defense against diseases. 

Naturally, we would want to keep that biological shield in good condition at all times. And one way to do that is to practice mindful meditation. The positive changes that a mediation practice introduces to the brain also extend to our immune system. Along with a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, mediation is essential for our physical well-being.

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