Jin Suh

Jin Suh


Jin Suh is a Taekwondo Master Instructor from Queens, New York.

Jin Suh was born in Korea but came to the United States when he was five years old, first living in California and later New York. His father was a Taekwondo master in Korea, so the talent and will always resided within him. Suh began learning Taekwondo when he was only a toddler. Unfortunately, his father passed away when he was 13 and he didn’t become serious about the martial arts until he was in his teens.

After a four-year stint in the Marines, which included being stationed in Okinawa where he was able to continue to study martial arts, Jin Suh returned to New York and began training with a vision of one day making the U.S. National Team in Taekwondo. That vision became reality in 1998 and he represented the U.S. at the Pan-American Championships that year and the World Cup Championship in 2000.

In 1997, Jin Suh began to teach the sport of Taekwondo that he loved so much. He learned business on his own and through networking, trial and error, and being very resilient, he was able to start up an academy, High Performance Martial Arts to formally teach martial arts, with Taekwondo as his primary specialty. He has grown the academy to three locations on Long Island, New York, and it has become a family affair with his wife, oldest son and other children supporting him.

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